Data Services

Easily expand your LAN with NRBN’s secure and dependable Ethernet services.

NRBN’s high-bandwidth, low latency Ethernet solution allows you to increase business productivity and securely transfer data over our redundant MPLS core. NRBN perfectly tailors this service to support resource-intensive applications. Similarly our Layer 2 VPN service is scalable to your business needs up to 10Gbps.

For example, you can easily connect multiple locations with our EVPL (point-to-point) and EVP-LAN (point-to-multipoint) services. We also offer increased capacity and VLAN transparency. Request an EPL or EP-LAN solution from NRBN for additional features and functionality.

This service is backed by our industry leading SLA and delivered over NRBN’s fibre optic network. Allow NRBN to simplify your business WAN and optimize interoffice connectivity for high-performance communications.

It’s time to try NRBN’s Ethernet Services, contact or 1-877-331-6726 today!