Data Services

MPLS IP VPN service is a dynamic WAN solution from NRBN that provides a scalable and secure way to connect offices and data centres.

Outsource IP routing to NRBN and take advantage of our premiere WAN service. This service creates new efficiencies in your business while optimizing inter-office communications.

Delivered over NRBN’s wholly owned 100% fibre optic MPLS core, customers benefit from continuous uptime. In addition, this service is backed by our industry leading service level agreements. Above all, MPLS services offer scalable bandwidth profiles up to 10Gbps. We can meet your current and future business requirements.

Can’t sustain any down time? Physical and logical diversity is available with dynamic failover on a managed NRBN CPE. In other words you’ll be able to further prioritize traffic streams across multiple classes of service with our feature-rich quality-of-service (QoS) capabilities.

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