better internet is here

We’re bringing the power of fibre to the Niagara Region.


Introducing NRBN’s Rural Fibre Internet Service. No usage caps, no hidden charges – just fibre fast Internet, all the time.

As homes become more connected, it is important to have a service that will accommodate faster speeds and be ready for the advancements of tomorrow. It’s time to disconnect from DSL and withdraw from Wireless. With NRBN’s Rural Fibre Internet service you’ll experience blazing fast, reliable home Internet.

Rural Fibre Internet is a wired Internet connection from NRBN. For over 15 years, NRBN has provided high-speed Internet connectivity to Niagara using our 100% wholly owned fibre-optic network. In other words, it is a network that is comparably faster than Cable and DSL.

NRBN is owned and operated right here in Niagara and for the first time, we’re bringing high-speed fibre-optic Internet to select communities in the Region.

How to Decide Which Speed you Need

To select the package that best suits your Internet needs, let NRBN break it down:




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Some conditions may apply. Services may not be available in your area. Please contact NRBN to determine serviceability.
All customers will require a site survey to test for line of sight to receive service but NRBN offers this for free!