Our Support Team works around the clock to keep customers, not only happy but up to speed.

Our Residential customer representatives are available to assist you with connectivity problems during regular business hours Monday – Friday. For that reason, if you are experiencing downtime outside of our office hours, we recommend contacting or calling 1-877-331-6726. As of now, we do not not offer 24/7 support for residents, however we will do our best to resolve any major issue you may encounter.

For Commercial and Enterprise customers experiencing technical issues we offer support 24/7. We recommend filling out the form below or contacting 1-877-331-6726.

If you are having trouble with your Internet connection, first follow theses steps in NRBN’s Trouble Shooting Guide. If unsuccessful, please complete the form below to submit a Support Ticket.

Lastly, if you are looking for help with account balances, billing and usage please contact You may also view your account online, as well as check usage or make a payment here.