Voice Services

NRBN offers a cost-effective way to transition to IP voice services and better leverage your network!

SIP Trunking allows businesses to better leverage their existing networks.

Utilize NRBN’s fibre-optic network for both data and voice services. Our SIP Trunking service, allows your business to converge its voice and data network. This means you can do away with costly PRI services.

If you have already enabled your PBX, you are ready for SIP Trunking. However, if it is not enabled NRBN provides a gateway device that allows you to squeeze additional use from existing phone systems.

Other service providers deliver SIP over the public Internet, however NRBN can provide a dedicated Layer 2 connection to the PSTN. Therefore, we provide a higher quality of service and superior service level agreement.

NRBN allows your to maximize your fibre connection and utilize a reliable voice service, which is crucial to any business. Contact sales@nrbn.ca to find out if you qualify for our services!